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If you are looking for a Regular Car Wash services at doorstep, then Eazyservices is here to give you excellent services with convenient and hassle-free car cleaning (both interior & exterior), you can rely on us. We are the industry experts in providing car interior cleaning and car exterior cleaning for all models.

Dry car washing is a method consisting of car cleaning and polishing steps without using a large quantity of water. This method of cleaning has recently grown rapidly, which is called ‘Save Water’. Complete car dry cleaning, seat cleaning, car vacuuming, car dashboard polish are called ‘healthy car’. Sofa, chair, carpet dry cleaning is the process of removing or sucking dirt and dust from your couch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days you clean under compact wash?

Greetings from Eazyservices. Compact services are for those who take their car rare or not required Daily clean. for such customers, we introduced Compact wash which we do 10 days of external wash and two times Internal clean. 

External Clean Include 
7 time  Waterless Car wash 
2 Time Foam Wash 
1 External Jet Wash
Tyre polish 
Rim Polish
Front Doormat Clean  

Internal Clean Include 

Inner Vacuum Clean 
Dashboard Polish 
Doormat Polish 

For more details can call us. 

How much Time it will take to clean my car

It will not take more Than 15 Min to clean your car.

Is Chemical use to Clean my Car Harm color of my Car

Not at all as all Solutions which Eazy services are using is OEM approved and completely Harsh Chemical free.

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